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A 2012 study by the U.S. Geological Survey revealed that ocean levels on the U.S. Atlantic coast are rising three times faster than the global average. The Northeast "hotspot" includes the coastline from Cape Hatteras, N.C., to Boston. Major American cities are at greater risk for increased flooding and storm damage.

As the world warms and seas rise, some spots are expected to take the brunt of the higher ocean levels, while others may not see such a deluge, new research by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reveals.

The study homed

in on one "hotspot," where sea levels are rising more than three times faster than the global average: the 621-mile (1,000-kilometer) stretch along the eastern United States' Atlantic coast.

From Cape Hatt

eras, N.C., to north of Boston, Mass., tide-gauge records reveal sea levels have increased on average about 0.08 inches (2 millimeters) per year from 1950 to 2009. Globally, meanwhile, sea levels have increased about 0.02 inches (0.6 millimeter) per year during that window.

Which cities are most at risk? Click the link to find out.

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This extraordinary photograph taken by a resident of the hitherto unremarkable Greater London borough. Mirjeta Binoke, was in her back garden with friends recently when she looked up at the night sky and saw the moon flanked by four stars. She thought it would make a nice picture and went indoors to get her camera phone. "When we looked at the picture we saw this image there and everybody was amazed by it. "My first thought was that it might be a creature like a pigeon, but everyone said it looks like an angel," she said.

Ethereal object over the skies of London

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