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The 12,533-feet Colima Volcano near Mexico City send an ash plume 2.4miles high, leading residents to be warned to stay inside.

Luis Felipe Espinosa Puente, the national coordinator of Civil Protection, tweeted: “Explosion of VolcándeColima at 7:49 am, with a height of more than 4 km, northeast direction.”

The Colima Volcano is one of the most active in Mexico and in the last days its activity has intensified, leading to fears a forced evacuation may take place.



ASh was thrown 4km into the air from the Colima Volcano, Mexico.

People in the vicinity of the volcano are being told to take precautions, stay inside and avoid driving their cars.

If ash does fall, residents have been advised to cover their bodies in water so they do not become contaminated.

The massive volcano is on the border between the states of Colima and Jalisco near Mexico’s west coast.

It is one of the most active and powerful in Mexico.

A report on wired.com said: "Some officials are saying that there is a heightened danger of a large explosive eruption from Colima because it has been over 100 years since that last large eruption.

"The heightened explosive activity at Colima has prompted preparations for evacuations if the restlessness continues or increases."

The dangerous volcano has previously been filmed erupting several times in one night, forcing a mass evacuation.

Exactly a year ago villager fled as the monster volcano started exploding AGAIN just days after a warning over its activity and earlier eruptions.

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