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This summer is going crazy and heatwaves are triggering dramatic living conditions around the world. While major heat wave is bringing record-breaking temperatures to Southern California, another heatwave has already killed 54 people in Quebec, Canada, and Britain is baking and its roads are melting. Finally, Africa has witnessed it’s highest temperature ever recorded, 124.3F, in Algeria and temperatures are breaking new records in Iran.


A major heat wave is bringing record-breaking temperatures to Southern California. By 1 p.m., temps in Woodland Hills hit 115 degrees, shattering a record of 106 set in 1976. Heat records for Burbank, Van Nuys and downtown Los Angeles fell early. Downtown Los Angeles hit 95 degrees before 11 a.m., breaking the previous record of 94 degrees set in 1992.

Excessive heat watches are in effect through all of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. Friday’s forecast for Malibu is 95 degrees, while the valleys could hit a scorching 117 degrees. Red flag warnings are also in effect due to the wind, the high heat and low humidity. This dangerous heat wave is expected to fueling existing wildfires in the area.- CBS Local Los Angeles

Meanwhile in Quebec, Canada, 54 people were killed by a blistering heat this week. Twenty-eight of the deaths were in Montreal. The region has seen record high temperatures and high humidity since last Sunday. Temperatures were in the mid-90s for Montreal on Sunday and Monday, about 20 degrees higher than the normal temperatures this time of year.

Environment Canada lifted heat warnings Friday, despite expectations that temperatures will once again rise early next week. – News 5 Cleveland

Britain is currently basking in a 30C heatwave and for a country that is used to rain and fog, there are are naturally some unexpected problems that arise from the weather.

In Berkshire, a bin lorry sunk into a hole in a road after the summer heat melted the asphalt. In Tyne and Wear,an unnamed 24-year-old man’s foot became stuck after the tarmac beneath him melted and gave way.

He became stuck up to his thigh and had to call 999 to be freed. – ITV


An intense heat wave is shattering temperature records in Iran and the Caucasus nations of Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia, causing power shortages that are adding to discomfort in the region.

Weather experts on July 6 said the heat wave is the result of a high-pressure dome or heat dome that formed over the Eurasian region and reaches as far north as southern Russia, where temperatures hit a record high for June on June 28.

In the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, temperatures soared to a record of 41 degrees Celsius on July 4, contributing to unhealthy air pollution levels reported by the National Environmental Agency.

Earlier in the week, on July 1, temperatures hit a record 43 degrees in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku, prompting heavy use of air-conditioning that the government said caused an explosion at a hydroelectric power plant and a nationwide power outage.

53 And Counting! Heat Wave Breaks Records In Iran, Across The Caucasus
Temperature records broken in Iran and Caucasus in July 2018.

A day later, temperatures soared to a record high 42 degrees in Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, while Iran experienced its hottest July temperature ever — 53 degrees — causing misery and power shortages and prompting the government to change work hours in Tehran to save electricity. – RfERL

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