Black Hawk helicopters chase tic-tac UFO across sky’ above Connecticut

Black Hawk helicopters  chase tic-tac UFO across sky’ above Connecticut

A UFO was caught in a chase with Black Hawk helicopters through the skies over the US.

Reddit users were left stunned at the CCTV footage posted to YouTube that shows glowing-orb being followed by two black aircraft above Durham in Connecticut, US.

The original video posted to the Alien Scientist channel today (January 24) said: "Raw Security Camera Footage of the 2 Blackhawks escorting a tic tac glowing orb UFO.

"Recorded 6:45 pm Thursday, Jan 20, 2022."

It was then shared to the subreddit r/UFOs where fascinated users said debated over whether it is proof of alien visitors or a special military operation.

Two black hawk helicopters spotted 'chasing UFO' across the sky over Connecticut PICS: AlienScientist/YouTube

The Reddit user who shared the post wrote: "2 Blackhawks chasing a UFO in Durham CT 1/20/22.”

One user responded: "More like the UFO was chasing them from the front."

Another said: "I don't know what these blurry lights are. Therefore this is an unidentified alien space vessel."

A third added: "Looks more like they’re escorting a smaller aircraft. 

"Special operations do a lot of training in cities at night."

A fourth commented: "Police helicopter looking for a suspect."

The news comes after locals were left baffled after spotting a giant tractor beam in place for three hours as they claim to have 'never seen anything like it before.'

Reddit users had a debate over whether the orb was a UFO or involved in a military operation (Image: Getty Images)

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