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New volcanic eruptions around the world in the first two days of August 2017.

Sinabung volcano (Indonesia), Poas volcano (Costa Rica), Sheveluch volcano (Russia)

After the continuous growth of the dome accompanied by regular falls of blocks, the crater of the Sinabung volcano collapsed on August 2 at 8:05 am local time.

The dome collapse was accompanied by multiple pyroclastic flows on the eastern slope of the volcano.

Ashfalls were recorded on nearby villages, including Kabanjahe.

Sinabung eruption on August 2 2017, Sinabung eruption on August 2 2017 video, Sinabung eruption on August 2 2017 pictures
Sinabung eruption on August 2 2017: Pyroclastic flow by Eliana Permata Tarigan / FB
The Poas volcano erupted on August 1, 2017 at 5:45 pm local time, which ejected a column of reddish color ash 500 meters above the crater, before drifting westward.

An important degassing of steam and gas followed up.

Poas volcano eruption on August 1 2017, Poas volcano eruption on August 1 2017 picture, Poas volcano eruption on August 1 2017 video
Poas volcano eruption on August 1 2017

A large explosion, which ejected ash at more than 11,500-12,000 meters asl, caused heavy pyroclastic flows, and formed a volcanic cloud drifting northeast for 205 km momentarily changing the aviation code to the red occured on July 23, 2017 at Sheveluch volcano in Kamchatka, Russia.

shevelush volcano dome destruction, shevelush volcano dome destruction picture
Shevelush volcano explosion July 2017: The dome of the volcano has been completely destroyed by the shock of the explosion.

According to the latest pictures by KVERT, it seems that the dome has only a few teeth left… the rest having been pulverized in the explosion.

The volcanic eruptions have been dramatic during the first days of August. Be ready, get prepared!

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