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SEVEN factories collapsed, football matches were halted, power cut and roads turned into rivers after Sydney was smashed by a freak storm today. A booming cold system which formed over the southwest slopes and the Blue Mountains hit the western suburbs mid-afternoon before its destructive winds and...
Surreal: The city looks like a scene out of a Hollywood disaster movie
Surreal: The city looks like a scene out of a Hollywood disaster movie Residents in a Chinese city had a shock when they looked up and saw the sky glowing bright red - like something from a Hollywood disaster movie. And if that wasn't scary enough, people in the northern city of Aershan feared the...
This year has seen a rash of massive dust storms around the world that have led to travel chaos and blocked out sunlight - but experts cannot pinpoint the reason behind the spate. This week incredible footage showed the moment an unusual 'apocalyptic' dust storm, known in Arabic as a haboob, struck...
An “apocalyptical” storm swept through several regions in Belarus, including the capital. But it was in the city of Soligorsk where clouds as black as ink obscured the sun light, while strong winds ushered in a sand storm. Soligorsk residents, about 120 kilometers from the capital Minsk, were bo...
Ask people what they know about Antarctica and they usually mention cold, snow and ice. In fact, there’s so much ice on Antarctica that if it all melted into the ocean, average sea level around the entire world would rise about 200 feet, roughly the height of a 20-story building. Could this happe...

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Weather experts baffled, are UFO’s the cause of these strange clouds? Ufologists suggest the possibility of UFO’s No explanation has been provided yet as to what causes strange clouds Strange clouds are worldwide phenomena

Weather Experts Baffled at Unknown Clouds

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